Fiorella Ciaboco specialised in pattern-making at a very young age and opened her first dressmaker's workshop in an attempt to defy the diffidence and prejudice inherent to small-town mentalities. A passionate, demanding and determined hard-worker, she has developed and expanded her business, relying on skilled specialists. Today, her tailor-made garments are not only famous locally but they are also appreciated by customers in many other cities such as Rome, Milan, La Spezia, Monte Carlo and London.

“I like to describe my workshop as a ladies' atelier. Here, thanks to the support of skilled seamstresses and dressmakers, I design and make garments to dress women who want to express their style and unique personality with freedom and creativity. Patterns, fabrics, accessories: everything is at hand in order to pick and create exclusive, elegant, casual or extravagant garments together”.

Bucking the trend of a world that is increasingly standardised and homogenised, Fiorella has always focused her activities in defending and enhancing the value of great Italian dressmaking. This all-Italian excellence has made world history although it appears to be succumbing to the hectic pace of modern-day industrialisation. For this reason, all the charm and the typical atmosphere of a genuine atelier can still be witnessed in her workshop in Jesi and in the office in Milan: sketches, mannequins, paper patterns, swathes of fabric, skilled hands that cut, sew and make up impeccable and unique dresses that shun the decline of fashion trends and pursue the immortality of beauty.

The Fiorella Ciaboco Sartoria was established in Jesi in 1986 in the world of ladies' fashion, and it stands out for the superior quality of its bespoke products and for an all-round creative and innovative entrepreneurial style.

The all-woman workshop has been organised and set up in keeping with the times, combining work requirements with the personal needs of women and mothers. Fiorella, the owner, never lost heart, and thanks to her creative fighter spirit, she managed to put together a tight-knit team who is always ready to co-operate, share and overcome any obstacle. Flexible working hours, a baby-sitting service, home delivery of shopping, a summer break at the same time as the school holidays. For this reason, she was awarded the 2009 Work Value Prize by the Marche Region.
In addition to bespoke dresses, the atelier also boasts its own line of garments, which is entirely in keeping with the latest new trends, produced in a limited quantity and developed over a large range of sizes.

Brides also find the perfect place to pick, fit and create their wedding gown in this workshop brimming with good taste, creativity and lengthy experience.
What truly distinguishes Fiorella's work however is her aperture towards the rest of the world and her ability constantly to get involved to cross geographical borders and cultural barriers in order to promote the value and excellence of Italian dressmaking in a powerful and innovative way.

In 2008, she opened an office in Milan to accommodate the growing need of a clientèle in search of hand-made dresses.
This opening is confirmed and reinforced by the large number of partnerships which Fiorella has set up to accomplish special projects whereby hand-made products are teamed and merged with the very best of culture from her region: good food, fine wines, breathtaking landscapes, theatre, art and music. Her presence at fashion shows does not betray her need to portray the beauty of a unique skill, that of creating bespoke style."

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