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Behind Every Garment There Is A Creative And Passionate Mind

We discover Fiorella Ciaboco’s creative soul: allow us to introduce Fiorella Ciaboco, a master tailor of great charisma, pattern-maker and seamstress who elevates tailoring to the level of art. With over thirty years of experience, Fiorella takes us into an international dimension of design, by dressing the dreams of women and men with clothes that express elegance, attention to detail and a sense of uniqueness. Every creation is a dialogue with the fabric, the innovation, and the tradition to achieve the individuality of the wearer.

The art of elegance between passion and tradition

For Fiorella Ciaboco it is a mission to preserve the soul of Italian tailoring, and its elegance as a legacy of high craftsmanship. By masterfully merging the richness of tradition with innovative inspiration, Fiorella creates not just garments, but fashion experiences that leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts of her clients. Each garment is a meticulous journey of selecting fabrics of the highest quality, and artisanal details. Fiorella offers a unique experience, a creative haven where every client, woman or man, can discover the true expression of their essence and a timeless style.

+39 02 29063258
via Gaspare Rosales, 9 Milano
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:00


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