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Fiorella Ciaboco

Ever since her first steps in the luxurious fashion world, Fiorella Ciaboco’s vision has distinctly focused on elevating the art of custom-made garments, making the individuality and exclusivity tangible for each client. Fueled by a profound passion, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, Fiorella graduated in pattern-making in Perugia, and, thanks to her talent and determination she inaugurated her first atelier in 1987, when she was just 21 years old.

Fiorella : Master Tailor

The evolution of her brand brings her to Milan, the hub of fashion and innovation, where in 2010 she opens the doors of Sartoria Fiorella in Corso Como. This neighborhood, famous for its creative fervor, now hosts Sartoria Fiorella’s atelier and concept store, an exclusive emporium of ready-to-wear garments, custom-made, and a carefully curated selection of other clothing and accessory brands. Moreover, the atelier champions elite tailoring education through its School of High tailoring, creating a synergistic link between retail, exclusive customization, and sartorial education. With an esteemed presence in Milan fashion, Sartoria Fiorella continues to embody the pinnacle of bespoke clothing, catering to a distinct clientele that values meticulously crafted, tailor-made creations. Through personalized appointments, the atelier ensures bespoke consultations and exclusive attention to detail, befitting a brand that reinterprets high fashion with a contemporary feel and timeless reliability.

Artisanal Care

Every garment is a journey meticulously cared in every way, a passionate and tireless research towards perfection that reflects in all the points and every weaved thread. Our objective is to make sure that every client is not only wearing a garment, but a declaration of style and timeless sophistication. This is the distinctive hallmark of a bespoke experience at Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco, where artisanal mastery celebrates the unique personality of those who choose to use high fashion as an expression of themselves.


Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco does not limit itself to just making clothes, but it encourages each and every client to immerse themselves in the sartorial tradition, by transforming the selection of each component in a completely personal and significant moment. Models, fabrics, accessories, everything is at the client’s beck and call so that they can actively participate in the selection and creation of their garment.


In the vision brought forward by Fiorella Ciaboco, the beauty (encompassing both traditional and contemporary elements) intertwines with practicality to create a style with no equals. Every garment celebrates classic and iconic silhouettes, renewed by cutting-edge details as well as the utilization of technologically advanced materials. these choices breathe new vitality into timeless elegance, offering bold and original interpretations that respond to the dynamics of modern wear.

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via Gaspare Rosales, 9 Milano
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