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Not only has Fiorella Ciaboco transformed her passion in her profession, but she has become a powerful supporter of made in Italy, by inspiring a movement through the hashtag #difendiamoilmadeinitaly (let’s defend made in Italy). With the intent to preserve this precious line of work at the risk of being forgotten, she has also founded her school of high tailoring, with a central hub in her production laboratory, located in Jesi.

Artisanal Elegance

This production lab, predominantly driven by a female workforce, has been able to evolve through time by adapting and blending various professional demands with those unique to women and mothers. With her astuteness and innovative spirit, Fiorella has successfully managed and unite her team, always ready to collaborate and overtake each challenge together. Reflecting on these principles, the company’s values were recognized with the 2009 ‘Premio Valore Lavoro’ (value work award), an award conferred by the Marche region.

Tailoring Innovation

Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco has instilled itself in the womenswear industry ever since 1986 in Jesi, distinguishing itself for the high-level sartorial products and her entrepreneurial vision, characterized by creativity and innovation. The production laboratory provides a range of services, spanning from the tailored and industrial creation of garments, to the creation of lingerie and swimwear for both women and men. Every project has been personally curated by Fiorella, from the pattern-making up until the final phases of the production.

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