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In Fiorella Ciaboco’s men atelier, elegance and individuality come together to create a refined aesthetic. It’s a place where, with the assistance of skilled artisans, I design and craft bespoke garments capable of interpreting and enhancing the style and personality of each man. A corner of fashion where the aspirations and desires of our male clientele are woven, shaping pieces that embody expressive freedom and sartorial creativity. With an exclusive selection of models, fabrics and accessories, each gentleman is the protagonist of their stylistic journey, by actively participating in the creation of their garment. From sophisticated elegance to a sporty look. From classy touches to daring flourishes that capture the eye of the boldest, exclusive garments are forged here, reflecting the true essence of those who wear them. Fiorella Ciaboco loves, honors and celebrates the journey of each client towards their definitive expression.

+39 02 29063258
via Gaspare Rosales, 9 Milano
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:00


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