Sartoria Ciaboco

In a world of mass production and standardized clothing, the manufacture of unique and exclusive garments is an unrepeatable experience in which creative sensibility is combined with technical ability to dress all women who want to express their own style and personality with complete freedom and creativity. The atelier is also the ideal place for all brides, where they can choose, try and work together to create their wedding gown in an atelier made up of fine taste, creativity and years of sartorial experience.

In addition to tailor garments, the atelier presents its own fashion line that, keeping up with new trends, is manufactured in a limited number of pieces available in a broad selection of sizes.

Driven by a tireless search for novelty and tendency towards change, Fiorella also creates and manufactures exclusive accessories like Bouton Collier, made out of recycled materials from industrial fashion. An otherwise charmless plastic button turns into a design item, which has by rights earned a spot at the Art and Design Gallery in Rom.


In January 2009 Fiorella announced her partnership with Fiore(maison and developed a limited edition collection of furniture items designed to dress up home interiors with style and originality. Thanks to the collaboration of architects and interior designers, the activity soon developed and delivered innovative projects.