Sartoria Ciaboco


The contemporary dressing

Recycle the old fur

It is now a fact that more and more the world of fashion is undergoing a revolution and that the orientation will increasingly go towards a circular economy model. Research by McKinsey tells us that in 2030, middle-class consumers will be 3 billion for the entire economy and, while clothing production is increasing, consumer purchases will increasingly be oriented towards recycled or recycled clothing. produced using yarns or recycled materials.

The Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation, a fundamental point of reference for the circular economy in the fashion world, defines it as follows: “the circular economy is defined as such when, in the production of clothing, fibers or fabrics are recycled. unsold, or when we are facing a collaborative consumption “.

In Milan and in the brands, where it has its headquarters, for several years the couturier Fiorella Ciaboco, master of sartorial art, has decided to give new life to these wonderful garments closed in the closets and with a slightly retro style, giving them new life.

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