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Fiorella Ciaboco is not only a renowned master tailor but also a passionate teacher. Over the years, she has shared her extensive knowledge and experience with aspiring fashion artisans. Her mission is to train a new generation of talented, custom-tailoring enthusiasts.

Our educational offer

Fiorella Ciaboco’s School of Tailoring offers intensive courses for boys and girls aspiring to learn the art of custom tailoring. The courses cover every aspect of garment creation, from pattern-making techniques to the finest sewing details. Students will have the opportunity to learn directly from Master Ciaboco in a stimulating and creative environment.

Unforgettable experience

In addition to traditional courses, we also provide unique workshop experiences. During these interactive sessions, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of custom fashion. A step-by-step guide through the garment creation process, from pattern-making to assembly, is offered under the expert supervision of Fiorella Ciaboco.

+39 02 29063258
via Gaspare Rosales, 9 Milano
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:00


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